One person aligned with the Universe is more powerful than a million who are not.


Hi, I’m Rachael Pickworth and welcome to the $20pm Woman On Purpose®Alignment Membership.

You’re in the right place if you’re a conscious woman and you want to manifest a life that feels authentic, aligned, soul-powered and on purpose.

Video 1. Overview of the membership

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Some of us feel a calling to live on purpose - to follow the whisper of our soul and live our most elevated, aligned and authentic life.

We want to operate from our inner and higher alignment.

We want to be true to our calling, express ourselves unapologetically and make our unique difference in this lifetime.

And we want to co-create with the Universe from our high vibes.

Yet despite wanting to live this way, we can let things can get in the way...

As a modern woman it can be hard to find and maintain your inner and spiritual alignment in your daily life to live your best possible life experience.

Although you may know that inner and higher alignment is the key, when you’re so busy ‘doing’ it’s hard to maintain consistent alignment and high vibes.…

It can also be pretty lonely and isolating when few people around you are up to speed with this conversation.

Let’s face it, it can be easy slip into a spiritual closet or void (or spiritual avoidance), dancing around the edges of who you are and your true, aligned potential.

But when you're disconnected from your inner and higher guidance system the ego can dominate with fear, self doubt, lack of clarity and confusion about the way forward.

And let's not forget about the endless inner dialogue asking questions like 'who am I to do that?' and 'what will other people think?' 

Ultimately the risk of not living on purpose is that your music stays within you, your magic is never fully shared, your wand that can transform people’s lives stays in the closet…and something inside withers.


It can be painful when you’re not expanding into all of who you are or living the life you know you’re here to experience.…

Does this resonate with you?

After coaching women for almost 20 years to live on purpose, there’s one thing I know for sure…YOU HOLD THE KEY.

YOU hold the key to your truth, clarity of purpose and inner and higher power…

and YOU hold the key to manifesting the grandest version of you and your life by harnessing Law of Attraction with your intention, alignment and vibration…

The question is are you turning the key?

My mission is to support you to live in alignment and on purpose...

Where you're operating from your spiritual connection & accessing your authentic truth, clarity, wisdom & guidance...

Where you're consciously co-creating your own reality with your intention, high vibes & point of attraction to experience momentum & synchronicity...

Where you're answering the call of your soul & walking the path...

Where you're confident, bold, unapologetic & in your power to boldly express the grandest version of YOU in the world.


My sister interviews me and asks why I created Woman on Purpose. 


Membership Overview 

My aim is for you to play at the top of the Woman On Purpose® ladder.

The focus is elevating your alignment, energy and vibration to elevate your life. It doesn’t matter where you are sitting on the ladder right now as shifts can happen quickly.

Let's create a foundation for your best life...

This Membership is a collision of passion and purpose alignment, spiritual development and Law of Attraction to support you to live ON PURPOSE and manifest your best possible life experience from your alignment, intention, connection and high vibration.

Weekly membership content

The Membership Content Pillars

Part 1. Rachael content

1. Welcome content to bring you up to speed

2. Weekly videos to help you with your alignment

Part 2. An ever growing library of videos and valuable content provided each month from the experts interviewed on the podcast. 

Molly Patrick from Clean Food Dirty Girl shares her inspiring story from booze and broke to aligned business success and provides content about eating food to raise your vibration...

  • A weekly meal plan
  • A craving video from her program
  • A salad demo from her program

Elena Lipson shares her journey from corporate stress to being a divine self-care mentor and provides the following content to the membership...

  • Program - '66 Sacred Rituals' Journey (normally $66USD)
  • Magic Morning Habit

"I love the message tonight!! Your authenticity and not worrying about getting straight out of the shower and on camera is inspiring...thank you again - so glad I found a coach that incorporates so much law of attraction into the message and your everyday life."

Member - Ginger

"WOW! That was a powerful watch! And one I intend to share with others. Definitely an insightful bookend and soul shifting prelude for tomorrow. Thanks for creating this group, and being willing to share so much of yourself with me...many, many thanks!!"

Member- Diane

Inside the membership 

I've built the membership area using the latest technology, which is super user-friendly. You can even access your materials and content via your phone.

I like to keep things short and impactful so you won’t be overwhelmed with content. 

Access your content in the membership platform or in the private facebook group.

I'm passionate about living on purpose...

In my 20s I was the picture of entrepreneurial success, but in reality I was internally bankrupt and off-purpose. Being busy was my excuse for neglecting my spiritual journey and as a result my life lost its meaning, purpose and direction.

It took some time to remember that the key to my clarity of purpose and ability to manifest powerfully came down to my spiritual practice and vibration.

For 20 years now I've been coaching women to live on purpose, whether it be a director in corporate, a small business owner or a woman who's simply ready for more (testimonials at bottom of page).

Woman On Purpose is where I collide all of my knowledge and passions to support like-minded women live fulfilling and successful lives. 

Next steps...

Are you ready to be supported to live an authentic, soul-powered life that feels fulfilling, passion-fuelled and on-purpose?

You are the key to the life you are yearning for. 

Say yes to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

 I’m pricing this so you have no reason not to do this. 

The more women raising their vibration and living on purpose the greater our world will be.

Quite simply, do you want to stay where you are?


If there answer is yes then this program is not for you.

This is for you if you want to grow and live a conscious, aligned life.

If that’s what you want, then this is for you.

Just start. Take the step. You can consume as much or as little as you like and if you fall ‘off the spiritual wagon’ just jump back on with the most recent content at that time.

You deserve to be aligned and at your best. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled. You deserve to focus on YOU each day and I’ll help you do that.

Refunds are offered within 7 days of purchase and if you are on the $20 per month plan you can cancel anytime with a click of a button within the membership.


I’ve taken every effort to accurately represent this membership and its ability to support you to live on purpose.

I will make every effort to provide you with quality information and guidance to achieve these results, but in the end it is up to you. I make no guarantees to you as to these results.

When you sign up for this course, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


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