Alignment is the Goal

Hi, I'm Rachael & welcome to Woman On Purpose®.

For 20 years I've been supporting conscious women to create aligned, authentic and fully expressed lives that feel intentional, spirit-led & on purpose.

For so many modern day spiritual women, our highest intention day-to-day is to feel ON PURPOSE and in flow, living our most elevated, aligned and authentic life experience.

This is when we're:

- Being our own best friend and prioritising our wellbeing and daily spiritual connection

- Feeling energised, lit up and showing up as our best selves for those we love

- Tapped into our higher wisdom, guidance and clarity to answer the call of our soul

- Being true to ourselves, fully expressed and walking our unique path

- Consciously elevating our vibration to experience our natural inner and higher alignment

- Embodying our highest vision for ourselves and trusting in inspired action and divine timing

- And co-creating with the Universe to manifest a life that feels aligned, fulfilling, expansive and on purpose

Yet despite feeling called to live this way, it can feel out of reach.

The mental load & pressure of our busy lives (not to mention our erratic hormones) can take over our lives, & we can forget that prioritising ourselves, what we give our attention to our inner & higher connection are most important of all.

And when we forget we fall 'asleep' into a spiritual void (or spiritual avoidance), where our energy (vibration) drops and without even realising it we've pinch ourselves off from our inner wisdom and Universal Divine Intelligence.

Is this resonating with you?

It doesn't take long to feel out of alignment and wobbly, where we're second guessing ourselves, feeling stuck and confused about our purpose, asking others for guidance, isolated and anxious, comparing ourselves to others, driving and striving too hard, worrying about what people think, self-sabotaging, looking at our phones for relief, perhaps eating or drinking too much - and being a smaller version of the extraordinary women we truly are.

Also, this is when we make misaligned choices or chase bright shiny objects that are not aligned to our highest calling, wasting months or even years down a path that feels off purpose (this was my experience).

It's no wonder we find ourselves depleted and exhausted when we're pinched off from our power Source and inner guidance system.

And let's not forget about Law of Attraction and unconsciously manifesting all kinds of stuff we don't want from our lower point of attraction.

And even if we recognise that we've fallen off the spiritual wagon and want to get back on again, it can be hard to realign. It can also be tricky staying on the spiritual path when most people just don't get it.

This can become a frustrating and exhausting cycle of spiritual feast or famine, especially when our soul is whispering (or shouting) for us to wake up and remember who we are - awesome, spiritual, powerful women with the ability to operate from a higher state of consciousness and flow, where we have an elevated vision and vibration to co-create and align with the life that's calling us, and experience the clarity, purpose, impact, meaning, fulfillment and oneness that we know we're meant to be experiencing.

Ultimately, if we don't give ourselves the gift of being aligned and on purpose, the risk is playing small and dancing around the edges of ourselves and our true aligned potential, where our magic and gifts stay dormant within us.

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"I am eternally grateful my search led me to Rachael. She opened my eyes to the fact I am here to experience joy and I have the power to create everything I want in this is an incredible feeling knowing I am now on the right path and I couldn’t have done it without Rachael’s incredible insight and support."  April Batchelor

"Rachael you are a life changer! Amazing, amazing, amazing. From getting me out of my old life, developing my confidence, building new skills...words just can't express how fortunate I feel. I am wowed and I can't imagine what's to come in the future! I'm amazed - I feel so aligned in my life."  Nerida Tongue

"I loved the message tonight!!  Your authenticity and not worrying about getting straight out of the shower and on camera is inspiring...thank you again - so glad I found a coach that incorporates so much law of attraction into the message and your everyday life." Ginger

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