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"I loved the message tonight!!  Your authenticity and not worrying about getting straight out of the shower and on camera is inspiring...thank you again - so glad I found a coach that incorporates so much law of attraction into the message and your everyday life." Member - Ginger

"I am eternally grateful my search led me to Rachael. She opened my eyes to the fact I am here to experience joy and I have the power to create everything I want in this world...It is an incredible feeling knowing I am now on the right path and I couldn’t have done it without Rachael’s incredible insight and support."  April Batchelor

"Rachael you are a life changer! Amazing, amazing, amazing. From getting me out of my old life, developing my confidence, building new skills...words just can't express how fortunate I feel. I am wowed and I can't imagine what's to come in the future! I'm amazed - I feel so aligned in my life."  Nerida Tongue

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