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Hi & welcome to Woman On Purpose®.

I'm Rachael & for 20 years I've been supporting conscious women to create aligned, authentic and fully expressed lives that feel intentional, spirit-led & on purpose.

Some of us feel a calling to live on purpose; to follow the whispers of our soul and live our most elevated, aligned and authentic life experience...

Living in flow from our inner & higher alignment...

Experiencing clarity, guidance and knowing...

Co-creating with the Universe to manifest our lives...

And fully activated, unapologetically answering the call of our soul.

Yet despite feeling called to live this way, it can feel out of reach.

Navigating our calling and staying on the path can be daunting, overwhelming, frustrating and scary, even for those of us who have been walking the path for years.

When we know there's a higher path or experience calling us, but we struggle to align with it we can feel off-purpose, where we're second guessing ourselves, feeling stuck and confused, isolated and anxious, comparing ourselves to others, worrying about what people think and being a smaller version of the extraordinary women we truly are...

And playing cat and mouse with our calling or denying our truth just gets more and more uncomfortable.

It can be exhausting.

And let’s not forget about Law of Attraction and unconsciously manifesting all kinds of stuff we don’t want from overwhelm, frustration, low vibes and lack of alignment.

It's frustrating to be dancing around the edges of our true, aligned potential, feeling like we're wasting this life, stuck in a cycle of playing small and not living the aligned and expansive life experience that's calling us.

Ultimately, the risk is not living on purpose, where our music stays within us, our magic is never fully shared, our wands that can transform people’s lives stay in the closet and something inside us withers.

Does this sound at all familiar?

 Let me share my biggest learning...


And in order to have ongoing clarity and guidance to align with our higher calling and desires, we need to maintain a consistent elevated, aligned and expansive energy and vibration.

And as women we're so busy 'doing' life, that it's easy to forget that where we focus our attention and how we manage our daily vibrational alignment are most important of all.

But - and it's a big but - when we forget to re-member and integrate this into our busy daily lives we slip into a spiritual void, lacking the clarity, purpose, impact, meaning, fulfillment and oneness that we know we're meant to experience.

We can easily get off purpose, chasing bright shiny objects that are not aligned to our highest calling, wasting months and even years (this was my experience).

Sometimes we can even live in 'spiritual avoidance' because it all feels too hard, or because the overwhelming power, clarity or calling that comes with our spiritual connection is too much.

It can also be isolating and hard to stay on the spiritual path when most people just don't get it.

Over time it can even lead to self-loathing and the physical/emotional crash that occurs when we ignore our inner compass, become too busy to tune in or try to fill the void with food, wine, TV or social media. 

Navigating this can be daunting, overwhelming, scary and lonely, even for those of us who have been walking the path for years.

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"I am eternally grateful my search led me to Rachael. She opened my eyes to the fact I am here to experience joy and I have the power to create everything I want in this is an incredible feeling knowing I am now on the right path and I couldn’t have done it without Rachael’s incredible insight and support."  April Batchelor

"Rachael you are a life changer! Amazing, amazing, amazing. From getting me out of my old life, developing my confidence, building new skills...words just can't express how fortunate I feel. I am wowed and I can't imagine what's to come in the future! I'm amazed - I feel so aligned in my life."  Nerida Tongue

"I loved the message tonight!!  Your authenticity and not worrying about getting straight out of the shower and on camera is inspiring...thank you again - so glad I found a coach that incorporates so much law of attraction into the message and your everyday life." Ginger

Our office is in Melbourne, Australia and we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.
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