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Episode 4. Elena Lipson on divine self-care + gifts for Alignment Members

You can watch this interview in the Woman On Purpose Alignment Membership and enjoy the content Elena has provided:
  • '66 Sacred Rituals' Journey (normally $66USD)
  • Magic Morning Habit



Elena Lipson is the Divine Self-Care Mentor, speaker, transformational coach and retreat leader. Elena is the creator of The Divine Self-Care Circle, a year-long journey for women who are ready to say YES to igniting their divine feminine and dropping the hustle in exchange for creating a life they love with ease and grace. 

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Episode 3. Molly Patrick is clean, dirty and ON PURPOSE + gifts for Alignment Members

Watch this interview and access Molly's free content in the Woman On Purpose® Alignment Membership (Craving video, Salad Demo & Weekly meal plan) 
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Molly shares her journey from broke, unhappy and addicted to alcohol to living a healthy, booze-free dream life of business success and living on purpose with wife Luanne in Maui.
Molly Patrick is really damn good at motivating people to eat more plants and less of everything else. Not only with delicious whole food plant based recipes and meal plans, but with her non-judgmental, inclusive, and kind approach.
She is the co-founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl and what gets her hot is helping people find joy in eating, while at the same time preventing illness and disease with the food they eat so they don't have to treat illness and disease because of the food they eat.
Molly has built a thriving business and community around helping people eat more plants and less of everything else. She...

Episode 2. Why I created Woman On Purpose®

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Episode 2.

In early 2018 my sister, Camilla joined me on the couch to ask me, "WHY WOMAN ON PURPOSE®?"

I thought this short interview would be a good second episode to help you unpack what living ON PURPOSE means in the context of this podcast, and to set the tone for the episodes to come.

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Episode 1. Welcome to the Woman On Purpose Podcast


Audio below and a short video preview is above - the entire video is available in the Alignment Membership

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Welcome to the Woman On Purpose® Podcast, where we explore how vibration, energy, Law of Attraction and spiritual practice are they keys to manifesting a life that feels authentic, aligned and on purpose.

This is for you if your soul is calling and you know deep down that you're here to play a bigger, more elevated game, where you’re tapped into your inner and higher power to express the grandest version of YOU in the world…and you want to be inspired, ignited and activated by like-spirited women who are committed to living on purpose and helping you to do the same.

This first episode of the Woman On Purpose Podcast is a raw, personal deep dive into what Woman On Purpose is all about, my mission in the world and how I want to support you to live on purpose. 

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